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The Geeks and Tamers will work with you to determine your business needs, target audience, and your expectations for your new website. We also handle all associated steps in building a website, including domain registration (so you own your domains), hosting your website, and the initial design. We also handle email accounts, FTP access, and any monthly site maintenance.  Our hosting provider maintains 99.9% of up-time and scans all our websites daily for malware. Unlike some other hosting services, your monthly fee for standard web hosting includes text changes and some image work on your site, up to 2 hours each month.

Part of the process to have a website is first registering your domain name (sort of like registering your vehicle).  After this, we will work with you in creating your own personalized website.  After it is created, we will host the website. The monthly maintenance fee includes website updates as well (whether you provide your own updates or require the assistance of us).

We can also provide email services, including your own personalized email to go along with your new website.  Click here for information on hosted email services. Having your own email address is better, as well.  Instead of using a Yahoo or Gmail account (among others), your business will look more professional if you had your own domain controlled email address (example: instead of 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s impossible to guarantee first result placement on any certain search engine (i.e.: Google), but we do work to ensure that your site will have a high ranking. We understand how search engines rank sites and create websites that meet the various search engine requirements.

Call to speak to one of our business specialists and we can discuss what you need to do to become web-savvy.  It’s cheaper than you think!  Call us at (828) 262-3359.

Basic Blan

$ 20 Monthly
  • Disk Quota - 5GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 10 GB
  • Max FTP Accounts - 2
  • Max Email Accounts - 2
  • Max Email Lists - 1
  • Max Databases - 1
  • Max Subdomains - 5
  • Max Parked Domains - 1
  • Max Addon Domains - 1
  • Front Page Extensions - Yes
  • CGI Access - Yes

Large Plan

$ 25 Monthly
  • Disk Quota - 10 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 20 GB
  • Max FTP Accounts - 5
  • Max Email Accounts - 5
  • Max Email Lists - 3
  • Max Databases - 3
  • Max Subdomains - 11
  • Max Parked Domains - 3
  • Max Addon Domains - 3
  • Front Page Extensions - Yes
  • CGI Access - Yes

Extra Large Plan

$ 30 Monthly
  • Disk Quota - 20 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth - 40 GB
  • Max FTP Accounts - 10
  • Max Email Accounts - 10
  • Max Email Lists - 6
  • Max Databases - 6
  • Max Subdomains - 22
  • Max Parked Domains - 6
  • Max Addon Domains - 6
  • Front Page Extensions - Yes
  • CGI Access - Yes

 — For added Social Media Presence Assistance add $7.00/month —

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