What is an Onsite Business Survey?
If you give us just one hour of your time, Computer Tamers / Geeks at Work will give you a complete review of your current IT infrastructure; both positive and any short comings.  
Computer Tamers  / Geek at Work offers a free Onsite Business Survey for your small business.  If you own a small business and would like Computer Tamers / Geeks at Work to review your current IT infrastructure, please call us at 828-262-3359..
  • Equipment falling apart?  Need a new server?  What about your aging desktop computers?
  • Have you considered a DRP; a Disaster Recovery Plan?  Backup for your internet when it goes down?  
  • Backup phone service?  Has your data been backed up?
  • Thought about letting your employees go mobile with tablets?  Laptops?  How do you secure them?
  • New wiring for your business?  Want to add wireless to your network?
  • What if an employee downloads a virus that spreads throughout the network?  How could you have avoided this?
These are just some of the questions that you may have on your mind or may not even have thought about yet.
  • If your data was lost or unaccessible, what would you do?
  • Have you thought about upgrading your current hardware?

One of our Business Specialists will sit down with your company personal and review your current concerns and review with you any possible upgrades to improve employee efficiency, networking security, data protection including others.

The Onsite Business Survey is free.  Please call Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers for more information so we may schedule a visit. 828-262-3359

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