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Ransomware.  Unfortunately, it seems to be making the news more and more lately.  Of course, you need to do the usual steps to protect your computers and servers and “safe internet browsing”, however, Ransomware is proving that a backup is even more necessary.  Jaison and Mish cover backing up on today’s 

radio show heard every Friday on WATA 96.5FM and 1450AM at 10:30am.

Indiana Cancer Agency Hit by Aggressive Ransomware Group

Los Angeles Valley College Pays a Whopping $30,000 in Ransomware Incident

You’ve heard us talk about backing up many times in the past.  We seem to bring it up during every conversation we have!  That’s only because we’ve seen what happens when data is lost.  Ransomware brings up another reason to backup.  The “normal” backup you’re probably thinking about, which is, just making a copy of your data and placing it another medium (maybe an external hard drive, a thumb drive, etc).  That’s all fine and dandy, however, what happens when either you get infected or even something as simple as goofing up that complicated formula in Excel and saving it.  That new file, which is saved or now infected, is now backed up to your other backup drive.  Pulling your data from the backup will only give you the same copy of the bad file on your computer.

We Geeks strongly suggest a backup that includes a multi-version backup feature.  All this does is keeps multiple versions of your files.  So, you could restore a backup from last night, the night before that, or even the night before that.  Some services allow you to pull anywhere from 5 to even 12 versions of the same file. 

It’s your data.  How important is it to you?

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download GeekLeak_03-03-17
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download GeekLeak_03-23-17
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download GeekLeak_03-31-17
10.2 MB 11:10 min
download GeekLeak_04-07-17
6.7 MB 9:47 min
download GeekLeak_04-21-17
10.3 MB 11:15 min
download GeekLeak_05-05-2017
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download GeekLeak_05-12-17
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download GeekLeak_05-19-17
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