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Editors Note: Today's show will be a repeat of last Friday's.  Last Friday Jaison and Mish were live in the studio reviewing the same topic.  

Today's topic we discuss the dangers of EMF, which stands for Electromagetic Magenetic Radiation, basically what is emmitted from your cell home, bluetooth device and wireless router among other devices.  

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EMF is radiation emitted from any device, such as your cell phone, wireless router, a cell phone tower.  Studies have shown that using a device such as these can affect your body.   Your body operates at a certain frequency and having say a cell phone on you that uses frequencies of 800Mhz or 1600Mhz, this can obviously cause disruption to the body.  Even a regular old cordless phone operates off of either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz.  Everyone knows that microwaves emit dangerous radiation.  Well, guess what, microwaves emit at the 2.4Ghz, just like your Wi-Fi router. 

We suggest your try turning off our Wi-Fi router at night while you sleep, move your cell phones out into the kitchen, unplug your cordless phone (and take the battery out) and see if you sleep a little more soundly.  We bet you will. 

Cell phone towers can be dangerous if you live close to them. 

We have created a new website to educate you in the dangers of technology.  Check out safeliving.tamers.biz.  We will updating this with more and more information as time goes on from EMF, to the best posture while typing at your desk, to eye strain. 

Technology is wonderful and if used correctly can save you time and improve your efficiency.  However, we need to be aware of its negative side effects.  Like most everything else, there’s a good side and bad side.  

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