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On today's show, both Mish and Jaison talk about the infamous Windows 10 Upgrade, including its most recent security update.


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Windows 10 has officially been out for a little over a year now.  So, how goes it?  Windows 10 is a great operating system and has grown in usage greatly.  Granted, the main reason it has grown in popularity was due to the free upgrade offer by Microsoft but overall the operating system is a great system.  Very smooth and responsive.  In fact, it runs smoother than Windows 7 and Windows 8 (or 8.1).  Up until the first anniversary date, the upgrade was being offered free by Microsoft.  However, after this date, which was the last date of June 2016, the upgrade was going to cost money.  It was also after this date, Microsoft released the first major security update for Windows 10, sometimes called the Anniversary Update.  There are some privacy and security concerns that need to be taken care of.  For example, by default upon installation, Microsoft has set Windows 10 to monitor your typing to "suggest improvements".  It also allows you to share contacts via your Wi-Fi connections.  The operating system also allows various apps to take control of various hardware, such as your camera, mic and even tack your location.  We suggest turning options such as these off.  You can also bring your computer in, or we can handle a service call, and show you how to deactivate many of these privacy and security issues.

As for the Windows 10 "Anniversary Update", we have had a number of reported issues (including yours truly) of the operating system blue screening your coputer or acting sluggish after the upgrade.  It appears that most of these issues are a result of bad device drivers.

 Question of the Week

Joyce from Blowing Rock NC is asking if she should upgrade to Windows 10.  And if she does upgrade, can she go back to Windows 7.

Yes, Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers feels the upgrade to Windows 10 is well worth it.  As mentioned earlier, Windows 10 runs a lot more efficiently and faster than Windows 7 and 8.  If Joyce is running Windows 7, there will be a slight learning curve as many things have been changed around.  However, if you're a Windows 8 or 8.1 user, there aren't many changes (except for the fact that the old time favorite Start Button has finally been put back!).  As for as going back in time to your previous Windows if you don't like Windows 10.  Yes, you can do that, however, since you're now paying for the upgrade, you really can't return it.  All computers are going to be going to Windows 10 anyhow.  Unfortunately, it's one of those things that whether you like it or not, it's going to happen. Fortunately, though for all of us, again, Windows 10 is a very good operating system and you should be satisfied with its operation.  If you have any questions on this upgrade and your options, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the store at 828-262-3359 or you can simply stop in, we'd love to see you!


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